What is Soul Tie?

A Soul Tie is a spiritual connection or an emotional bond that binds people together as result of having a sexual relationship or being intimate physically. Soul ties could also be created by some level of spiritual associations. There are different forms of soul ties but in this article I want to … Continue reading

Is Oral Sex In Marriage A Sin?

Many Christians have emailed me asking me if oral sex in marriage is a sin or not. I have listened to a pastor preached on a topic that addressed issues like this, and he said it is allowed in marriage. I have also heard others say oral sex is a sin. Some others quote some verses of Songs of … Continue reading

Is Sex Holy Or Dirty?

Is sex in itself a dirty act? Sex is one of the most wrongly defined things in the world today. This is because many people don't really know what sex is.  Many people don’t like to address any topic that concerns sex because they feel sex is a “dirty thing” that shouldn’t be discussed. … Continue reading

Is Anal Sex Sin In Marriage?

The Bible is very much clear in addressing the sin of sodomy, which, I believe, no Spirit-led Bible-believing Christian will argue against; but the issue now is: is anal sex sin if it is had in marriage between a husband (man) and his wife (woman)? Let’s first define what anal sex is. Anal sex … Continue reading