This is an online pulpit where this controversial topic is addressed in the light of God’s Word. Here, by God’s grace, I assist as many that are struggling with sexual sins and those who seek Godly counsels. This is a community of seekers of the truth. “For God hath not called us unto uncleanness, but unto holiness” (1 Thess. 4:7).

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I Don’t Have Church Clothes

I Don’t Have Church Clothes

Some Christians went out for evangelism. As they preached the Lord touched the heart of a very beautiful young lady. She promised to be in Church the following Sabbath Day. Unfortunately, she couldn't make it to Church.After the service the brethren decided to check...

Asexuality among Christians

Asexuality among Christians

Asexuality is gotten from the word ‘asexual’, and it refers to the lack of interest or desire in sex, biologically it is used to refer to having no sexual organs. Generally, the term asexual is used to refer to persons who lack any form of sexual attraction to people,...


Nigerian Man Weds His 16-year-old Blood Sister

Nigerian Man Weds His 16-year-old Blood Sister

Many of today's happenings could leave you speechless, as such things may look so strange and unimaginable. But once it comes to the issue of sex or human sexuality,  there is nothing that is too strange from happening because this is end time. A mathematics teacher...