To show asexuality

Asexuality is gotten from the word ‘asexual’, and it refers to the lack of interest or desire in sex, biologically it is used to refer to having no sexual organs.

Generally, the term asexual is used to refer to persons who lack any form of sexual attraction to people, both of the opposite sex and of the same sex.

Asexuality is not mentioned anywhere in the bible, neither does it talk about the lack of sexual desire or interest towards people.

The question then is, is it wrong to not feel any form of sexual desire or attraction?

The bible tells us that when God looked at all that he had created, he saw that it was good, and we know that God created sex and the sexual hormones in our bodies, this means that God saw the importance of sex for man and woman, and that was why he made it.

The closer we can get to the bible talking about lack of interest in sex is apostle Paul’s message in 1 Corinthians 7 :1 when he encouraged that it is good for one to remain unmarried.

This is because it would enable one’s sole focus to be on God and carrying out the gospel of Christ all over the world without the constraint of family.

Although he [Paul] also made it clear in verses 2-6 of that same chapter that for persons who know that they would find it difficult to control their sexual urges.

They should go ahead and get married to satisfy their sexual desires in a godly way, this is because evangelical works would not be used as an excuse for fornication. thanks

From apostle Paul’s message, celibacy among Christians is welcomed, as long as self-control can be easily exercised.

We must know that celibacy is a chosen path, but it does not indicate lack of sexual desires, but psychological or emotional factors or even hormonal imbalance could cause asexuality, factors such as [ emotional trauma from sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional bullying, body shaming, and so many others].

For this reason, it is advised that the first thing to do when one notices such thing is to pray and to see a professional therapist in order to be sure that whatever is happening is not as result of psychological, emotional or hormonal issues.