My Mandate from God

When I started full time ministry God told me that one major part of the ministry He has given me is to teach people how to live sexually free and pure lives.
At first when God was revealing Himself to me, He commanded me to abstain from sex till marriage. I made my purity vow when I was 14 years old.
Few years ago, God started revealing secrets to me about how Satan is promoting sexual immorality and how he is enslaving humanity and defiling the Church of God. I only had a blog where I addressed sexual issues on my main website – Eagle Eye Opener, until God commanded me to set up this website where the truth about human sexuality can be made known to His people and the world in general. Time and time again, God reveals things to me about the SEXUAL WARS that Satan is launching against the Church and the world. God told me a lot of times after giving me some revelations that I should “not seal up these things but reveal, preach and teach them to his people.”
In fact, God told me one day that any Pastor who does not address the issue of sexual immorality that has become a huge challenge in the Church and in the world, but leaves their members to live the way they like, shall answer questions before God on the Day of Judgment.
To me, this is a very challenging task from God but the lot has fallen on me. I have to obey my Lord and Master Jesus Christ and also see it as a privilege to be an instrument in His hand.