Pornography, Loss of Dominion and How Satan Uses It Against You

Pornography, Loss of Dominion and How Satan Uses It Against You

This is a message God gave to Brother Hosanna David on the 9th of July 2024.

“I gave man glory and dominion. This is my own endowment that crowns him as my true representative in the world. Satan steals these two things from men through different means, one of which is sexual immorality. Anyone who sells his/herself as a slave and gives up their dominion is treated like a slave. Satan tricks the children of men to do things that reduce them to slavery.”

Kindly watch the video below to get all the explanations and teaching:

“Pleasure was created for man to gladden his heart and to make him merry, but this is the very thing that Satan has weaponized against My beloved children. Who is wise among them? Who will listen? Who is ready to equip themselves with wisdom and knowledge from above so that they can live a victorious life?

Such a person must obey the three rules of privacy:”

1. Human nakedness is sacred

“Human nakedness is sacred. Exposing it to the public equals the removal of a crown from the head of a king. Those who expose their nakedness sell their dominion.

I used my hands to cover the nakedness of Adam and Eve after they fell. I covered their shame and disgrace. Whosoever removes this covering to expose their nakedness violates their own bodies. Whoever drops his/herself below the standard I place them exposes his/herself to Satan’s attacks and influences.”

2. Lust

“You must not lust after the nakedness of another person. Those who feed their hunger for sex with the nakedness of a strange woman or man reduce themselves, and they cannot be free from demonic attacks. Those who prostitute themselves and all those who patronize them are all guilty. Can a prostitute resist the entrance of a demonic spirit? Has she any strength to say no to Satan when she is already a slave to him? All those who patronize prostitutes become one flesh with them. Making yourself one flesh with a prostitute is dangerous because it reduces you to the same level of the prostitute. This is a powerful weapon Satan uses to quench the fire of God’s Children.”

“Satan understands that many of you will never sleep with a prostitute physically, hence, he brings them to your secret chamber to reduce and deceive you. The sin of pornography is not less than sleeping with a prostitute physically.”

3. Promotion of Pornography and Indecency

“All those who promote all forms of nakedness reduce themselves to the level of a slave.”

Then He said to me “My son, warn all those who sell the wears of male and female prostitutes. They are abominations to the Holy God. They are like those who do not travel yet they prepare both vehicles and the passengers ready for their journey. They are also guilty of the same sin. All those who support immoral dressing both in the Church and in the world are all guilty of the same sin. All those who praise sexually immoral people are also guilty. They reduce themselves to the level demons can access and also attack them.”

Divine Revelation: Warning from God to Pastors About Sexual Immorality in the Church

Divine Revelation: Warning from God to Pastors About Sexual Immorality in the Church

This is a warning message from God to Pastors and the Church about sexual immorality in the Church which He revealed to Brother Hosanna David on the 12th and 18th of November 2023. This message is given primarily to the leaders of the Church but it very important to every member of the Church.

Please kindly watch the video below:

I saw a woman of God in a vision. She gave a message she supposedly received from God. She quoted and said, referring to the Laws of God, “What I gave you is become invalidated”. Which means that the laws of God are becoming invalidated, therefore, there is no need to obey the laws of God completely or anymore. Then I heard the voice of the Holy Spirit saying, “These are the lawless preachers who turn the grace of God into lasciviousness.

I have not given authority to these lawless women to teach and spread immorality in My house. I am standing at the door of My Church. I will remove some of them and they will no longer deceive My children.

Many men have held My Word with contempt. They stand to resist holiness in My house. Tell them that those who have fallen should remove themselves from the altar they stand and get themselves treated. It is in My house I see sick and wounded soldiers leading the battle. Tell them that those who are sick and wounded need treatment. The strength of a team depends largely on the leaders. There are many you call “Mighty men of God” but they are sick and wounded. They need not be on My alter, rather they need healing and restoration. The smell of their wounds do not allow Me to come into their congregations. Tell My children that many of their prayers go unanswered because of the dirty wounds of their pastors.

The arsenal of sexual immorality has brought down many of My servants. This is so deep that many of My children fail to understand how wounded and sick many of their leaders are. They should know that many of those who are standing in My Church as leaders are actually fallen. They are not standing before Me.

I have tried to heal them but they have refused my healing terms. When I say, “You cannot continue to lay the hands soiled with sexual immorality on the heads of My children except you get healed and washed clean”, they refused. Those who refuse to be treated and cleansed are polluting and devouring many of those they are to lead and save.

The stench of sexual immorality rises up to heaven like an evil wind, it cannot enter because no unclean thing is permitted to enter into our holy dwelling.

These are five (5) things I command My children to do:

1. All those who fall into sexual immorality must confess their sins and repent. Unconfessed sins have led many serious people into everlasting destruction.

2. All those who defile their marriage bed or their bodies must step down temporarily. They should be healed first before stepping upon My altars to proclaim My Word. The proclamation of the Eternal Gospel must be done by insiders, those who are saved. Tell them that it is impossible for those who are not members of the kingdom of God to admit people into the kingdom.

3. Many of those who fell into sexual sins have covenanted themselves to different demons and kingdoms, some of these have become possessed with demonic spirits. These sets of people need to go before their fellow and be delivered.

Many pastors are blindly initiating their members into the kingdoms of darkness because they themselves have either hidden their sins of adultery or fornication or they refuse to go for deliverance. My judgement shall come upon these sets of pastors like fire because they did not only pollute themselves but others too. I have said “He that is joined to a harlot is one body with her” (1 Corinthians 6:16) but why do you go about My holy assignment of leading My holy people with that body of harlotry. The thickness of sexual immorality is so much that My Holy Spirit cannot pass through many of your congregations. Any congregation I cannot enter does not belong to me and cannot enter my kingdom.

4. All those wolves in sheep clothing that seduce my people and lead them through the broad way into the darkest parts of Hell hear what the lord says, “Even though your sins are great you have chosen not to repent because you have chosen this part to seduce, pollute and initiate My innocent children into different dark kingdoms. I will make your punishment great. You shall gnash your teeth in the same place the ungodly and wicked kings and queens of the world shall be tormented day and night forever. Your torment shall be without the mercy of the Holy one. You defile many of my alters and led many into captivity. Your wickedness is too great therefore I will greatly increase your eternal pains. The stench of your own sexual immorality shall ever devour your bowels and you shall continue to vomit out your intestines forever and ever.

Your punishment shall be so great that only those who blaspheme Me and twist my word for personal gains shall groan in pains deeper than you. I detest your very flesh because your rot is more than the dirtiest waste from a man’s bowels. You are waging war against holiness and purity. This is one of the highest wars humans have ever engaged in against Me their Maker. This war is so fierce among the people of this generation that only a few survive it.

The cans of worms of sexual immorality on many altars have devoured many genuine hearts that would have been faithful to the end. Be sure that the same sword of fire that brought down Lucifer from his height and the positions of admiration shall soon bring you all to the Bottomless Pit of everlasting shame. The many souls you have sacrificed on the secret altars of sexual immorality shall rise up and speak against you on the day of the Great Judgement. There shall be none to save you from the anger of your Maker, whom you fought against while on earth.

Many young ministers are emulating these black dogs whose sins have already condemned them before they even existed; occult men who cannot live and be happy without feeding on the blood of the innocent. The Fire of Hell consumes you already even before you arrive the darkness of the fire of Hell. Your sins against My Church, humanity and your Maker are so great that you have chosen to burn forever instead of confessing them to the hearing of men and repent. Your shame shall therefore be great and it shall be for ever.

You are condemned, not by the mercies of God but by His Judgment, but if you can humble yourself and repent, I will forgive you and restore you to princehood.

5. Those who teach and seduce My children, breed and promote all forms of sexual sins among My children and in the world, your judgement has already been passed; only genuine repentance and fervent labour can save your souls. These are those who torn My written Word into pieces but deliberately choose to pick up the pieces they like and set fire to the pieces they hate. No body who touches my word either to add to it or remove from it shall go unpunished, including those who blaspheme My Holy name.

Have you not read that the whole world is held together by the Word of God? (Colossians 1:17). Have you not read that the Word of God is eternal? Why do you wrestle to alter the eternal commands of God? These seducers who call themselves pastors, teachers and prophets seduce My people and cause them to live in the abominable filth of their own sexual immoralities. The sexual sins of My people are like houses built on a huge mountain until it gets to its top. The houses (at the top) collapse and fall against the others and the rubbles pile up against other houses. Those at the foot of the mountain have no idea of the filth and stench of the souls that are trapped there.

Why is it that My blind children do not keep asking why a holy congregation turned out to have a sensual appearances and atmosphere? Why do you fail to continue to ask why the demons of lust and all types of immoral acts roam freely and possess the very people who gather to worship the holy God whose eyes cannot behold any form of sin? Why is it that the wise ones among My people fail to hold their leaders accountable and point the holy Word of God to them so that My Word can judge them and their evil acts? Have you not read that no priest is permitted to expose his nakedness before My holy alter? (Exodus 20:26). Have you not read or been taught that ‘you are a royal priesthood and a holy nation’? (1 Peter 2:9). How is it that when you come into My holy presence, each of you with your censer of incense, sacrifices and sweet aroma of praise, you come with your naked bodies? Some of you do not only come naked but you intentionally seduce others with your sensual dances. If your leaders have not been dead enough in their immoralities to be dumb, they would have rebuked you and cast the unrepentant dumb and deaf fools from among you just as a baker of bread removes all the yeast and cleanses the table and plates before he bakes the holy bread. The zinc and the roof are already broken and you see no need to remove the unclean waters, instead you collect the dirty waters into bowls with no intention of repairing the roof. This you do because you feed from the sins of My people as they seek the warmth of your eloquent tongue. All the teachers who breed sexual immoralities among My people shall be in great distress and anguish forever because the rewards of their deeds shall be poured out without measure.

I hate the stench of your vomit because your inside is full of different colours of atrocities. There is a group among you that I hate: Those who sacrifice others to get power, fame and money. You do not just commit adultery but you sacrifice many through sex rituals yet you put My holy name on your lips. I the Lord confirms it already that your condemnation is sure.

When you hide your many children from people, do you hide them from Me too? I know all those you sleep with and all those who get pregnant for you. Even the souls of those children you have killed cry up to Me for vengeance.

Those who sleep with these deceivers who claim to work for Me, hear this: I shall not deliver you because you lack My fear in your heart. Your soul is very cheap in the hands of these false prophets because the moment you agree to sleep with them I remove all My protection from you. Now I will tell you two of your offences:

1. You have made yourself a source of power to these My enemies. By sleeping with you they renew their powers to perform signs and wonders and to do evil on earth.

2. You have chosen to bring down My Church by sleeping with those who claim to work for Me.

Then he said to me, “Proclaim this message and broadcast it wide lest they say ‘I did not hear it’. I shall build a wall of fire round about you so that those who plan to harm you will not succeed.”

Again He said to Me, “Warn young ministers that many of those they so much admire and want to be like are already having their souls bound ready to be cast into the Lake of Fire.

If you can speak for Me I will make you great and I will continue to speak through you to My people, but if you fear or fall from My path to join them, then will I multiply your punishment and punish you because you have known the truth.

He said to me, “Warn all those ladies and a few men that Satan sends to seduce My faithful ministers. Tell them that I have special places for them in Hell. Their punishment shall be unique among all fallen and condemned men. Tell them that they will never go unpunished. I have cursed them, but if they repent I will have mercy on them and forgive them.

Warn all My children and mankind that all those who must please Me and enter My Kingdom must live sexually pure lives. Remind them that no sexually immoral person will inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. I the Lord have spoken.”

Ways to Overcome Sexual Lust in Pornified Society pt 2 | Hosanna David | Biblical Sexual Purity

Ways to Overcome Sexual Lust in Pornified Society pt 2 | Hosanna David | Biblical Sexual Purity

Modern society has become so pornified to the point that it is very difficult to walk through the streets without seeing things that are capable of instigating lust. Lust is sin but how do we navigate through as Christians in a world that is filled with immorality? This is the first video of the series of teachings that we need to go through to learn how to live pure without lusting. Get ready to journey with us.

Overcoming Sexual Lust in a Pornified Society | Hosanna David | Biblical Sexual Purity

Overcoming Sexual Lust in a Pornified Society | Hosanna David | Biblical Sexual Purity

Modern society has become so pornified to the point that it is very difficult to walk through the streets without seeing things that are capable of instigating lust. Lust is sin but how do we navigate through as Christians in a world that is filled with immorality? This is the first video of the series of teachings that we need to go through to learn how to live pure without lusting.