My View about Sex

I came from a broken home, and was raised by a single mother.  She is a Christian who believes and fears God. She brought me up in the way of the Lord.
In my childhood I discovered that I would become a Pastor when I grew up. It became a task for me to get myself prepared both spiritually and physically, which includes abstaining from sex till marriage.
At the age of 13 I took a personal decision to walk with God and to stay away from sexual sins. I made my purity vow when I was 14 years old.
My View:
I believe that majority of this generation’s general view about sex is wrong, including many who profess to know Jesus Christ.
Here’s my view about sex:

  1. Sex is for procreation: Sex is the only divinely ordained mean through which we partake in the creation work of God, through reproduction.
  2. Sex is a gift from God: God created sex for man as a gift that should be cherished. God created sex to be pleasurable and enjoyable so that “when you have eaten and are satisfied praise the Lord your God…” (Deut. 8:10).
  3. Sex is holy: A lot of Christians see sex as an unholy act. Biblical sex is holy. God does not command his children to engage in unholy acts. It is the abuse of sex that makes sex unholy. Heb. 13:4 says: “Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers, God will judge.” The “bed” here refers to marital sex. God said it should be undefiled – holy. This means sex is holy.
  4. Sex is for a man and a woman who are lawfully married: Sexual relationship outside this is WRONG.
  5. Sex is spiritual: I didn’t actually thought about this until I encountered God. God made me to understand that sex is not just a physical act but it is spiritual.
  6. Godly Sex education: Many people including Christians get offended when issues bordering around sex are addressed. To such persons, sex should not be talked about in any form, including educating our children about human sexuality and what God demands of us. I believe that sexual issues should be addressed even like other biblical topics too. Children should be talked to reverently about their sexuality so that they will not follow the way of the world. Our children and young ones should be taught about what it means to a child of God and at the same time a sexual being, and how not to offend God by committing sexual sins. If our young ones and our generation must overcome the battle over sexual sins then we must be equipped with adequate Godly knowledge and counsel. Read my mandate from God.
  7. God will judge the abuse of sex and all sexual sins. No matter who gives approval what God says is wrong, if anyone is found guilty in the sight of God, God will not leave the disobedient unpunished. The only form of sex that God approves is sexual intercourse between a man and a woman that are lawfully unmarried. Anything more than or less than this is sinful (Hebrews 13:4).

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