To emphasize on gender dysphoria

Gender dysphoria is a word or term that some people probably never heard of, or even though they have, they probably do not know the in-depth and actual meaning of it.

With the world evolving and so many things that have never been heard of becoming a part of our society and world, a Christian definitely needs the guidance of the holy spirit on what to do.

This article is here to throw more light on the term and to help Christians struggling with it to understand and to seek Godly ways of solving it.

Gender dysphoria is a psychological condition that occurs when people start feeling uncomfortable with biological sex, or assigned gender at birth [ male or female].

This dysphoria could come in form of not liking one’s body shape, desire to dress up in feminine clothes, hating how people just assume things about you because you are a particular gender, and in so many other ways.

Changing gender [transgender] or changing biological sex through surgical procedures[transsexual] is one of the ways certain persons cope with gender dysphoria202hey could change from male to female, or female to male [transgender], decide to fluctuate between the two genders [gender fluidity], decide to not be identified as any gender [agender, genderless], or decide to be both genders [bigender].

For other people, struggling with their gender is treated as a psychological problem and is treated by therapeutic measures, and conversion theories.

For certain people, this comes as a result of peer pressure and bullying, and like earlier stated, gender dysphoria is the psychological experience of distress that is a result of one’s biological gender, and his or her emotional or psychological gender identity.


How Do I Deal With Gender Dysphoria?

How do I deal with gender dysphoria is the  question, how can Christians cope with gender dysphoria and the so many complications that come with it?

We must know that,  confusion is not God’s plan or idea in life for his children, according to the bible he created us male and female, and he saw that it was good [Genesis 1:26-28], and we know that God is not an author of confusion, he has never and will never bring anything that would cause confusion among his children.

As a Christian who is faced with gender dysphoria, or know someone who is going through such crisis, the very first thing to understand that you are not a sinner because you are experiencing gender dysphoria.

know that whatever is happening to you is a temptation from the pit of hell ,then you fast and pray, because we know according to the bible in Matthew 17:21 that such things do not go away without fasting and praying.

Another thing is to seek help by studying the word of God continuously, talk to Christian elders that you trust and look up to, and seek professional therapeutic help.

For Christians who have friends or relatives struggling with gender dysphoria, getting them to understand that God loves them, and that whatever they are going through is as a result of the wickedness of the devil, and that they must believe God is ready to redeem and to save them, if only they are willing to come to him.