About Me

Hosanna E.E. David is a Pastor in the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion), currently serving as a full-time minister in St. Andrew’s (Ang.) Cathedral, Diocese of Warri since 2011. By God’s own grace, he is called to be an end-time revivalist, a preacher of Holiness and Righteousness. God has used him to give many end time revelations and messages. He is an independent researcher. His main website is EagleEyeOpener.Com.
He is the founder of Hosanna David Foundation, a non-governmental organization that helps orphans and indigent children by offering them scholarship awards; provides free prosthesis and mobility aids for those living disabilities, etc.
He lives in Warri, Delta state Nigeria.

About This Site

This is a Christian site, an online community where the topic of Human Sexuality is addressed in the light of God’s Word. Learn more…

My Mandate From God

The Lord has been revealing things to me about the sexual wars against man and He commanded to “reveal, preach and teach them to His people.” Learn more…

My View About Sex

People have different views about sex. I Think it will be very useful for me to make my views about sex clear. I believe that sex is holy, and it is a gift from God. Learn more…