This is a message God gave to Brother Hosanna David on the 9th of July 2024.

“I gave man glory and dominion. This is my own endowment that crowns him as my true representative in the world. Satan steals these two things from men through different means, one of which is sexual immorality. Anyone who sells his/herself as a slave and gives up their dominion is treated like a slave. Satan tricks the children of men to do things that reduce them to slavery.”

Kindly watch the video below to get all the explanations and teaching:

“Pleasure was created for man to gladden his heart and to make him merry, but this is the very thing that Satan has weaponized against My beloved children. Who is wise among them? Who will listen? Who is ready to equip themselves with wisdom and knowledge from above so that they can live a victorious life?

Such a person must obey the three rules of privacy:”

1. Human nakedness is sacred

“Human nakedness is sacred. Exposing it to the public equals the removal of a crown from the head of a king. Those who expose their nakedness sell their dominion.

I used my hands to cover the nakedness of Adam and Eve after they fell. I covered their shame and disgrace. Whosoever removes this covering to expose their nakedness violates their own bodies. Whoever drops his/herself below the standard I place them exposes his/herself to Satan’s attacks and influences.”

2. Lust

“You must not lust after the nakedness of another person. Those who feed their hunger for sex with the nakedness of a strange woman or man reduce themselves, and they cannot be free from demonic attacks. Those who prostitute themselves and all those who patronize them are all guilty. Can a prostitute resist the entrance of a demonic spirit? Has she any strength to say no to Satan when she is already a slave to him? All those who patronize prostitutes become one flesh with them. Making yourself one flesh with a prostitute is dangerous because it reduces you to the same level of the prostitute. This is a powerful weapon Satan uses to quench the fire of God’s Children.”

“Satan understands that many of you will never sleep with a prostitute physically, hence, he brings them to your secret chamber to reduce and deceive you. The sin of pornography is not less than sleeping with a prostitute physically.”

3. Promotion of Pornography and Indecency

“All those who promote all forms of nakedness reduce themselves to the level of a slave.”

Then He said to me “My son, warn all those who sell the wears of male and female prostitutes. They are abominations to the Holy God. They are like those who do not travel yet they prepare both vehicles and the passengers ready for their journey. They are also guilty of the same sin. All those who support immoral dressing both in the Church and in the world are all guilty of the same sin. All those who praise sexually immoral people are also guilty. They reduce themselves to the level demons can access and also attack them.”