Picture to show someone thinking about their sexuality
Am I gay??

Sexuality: people nowadays seem to get often conflicted about their sexuality, questioning their attraction to the same sex.

We all know that when God created the world and created man, he made them male and female and blessed their union, and we also know that homosexuality was never created by God, and is not accepted by him.

Christians should understand that the devil does not rest, working day and night looking for new means and measures which he can use in drawing God’s children away from him. And he executes these new measures in form of temptations.

All over the world, many people are struggling with their sexuality, some eventually coming out to declare themselves homosexual, the question then is if everyone else struggles with their sexuality, should Christians do so as well?

struggling with temptation (sexuality)

We as Christians should know that we live in the world that is of sinful nature, and we as humans have that sinful nature in us, and it is impossible to not struggle with ungodly desires, but we have the responsibility to resist and to overcome these desires[ Ephesians 6:13].

It is sinful to desire homosexuality, because we know that homosexuality is forbidden by God, and any desire that is rooted in anything that God has forbidden is a sin. But we first of have to understand the difference between the condition of being tempted and actually committing the sin.

It is not a sin for Christians to struggle with the their sexuality because it is a temptation from the devil, and temptation comes to every man that is born of God, even Jesus was tempted but he did not yield to it [Matthew 4:1], it is not a sin to struggle with temptation, but it only becomes a sin when we yield to those temptations just like Eve did [Genesis 3:6-7]

Just as it is impossible to stop a bird from flying over our heads, but it is possible to stop a bird from nesting on our head, so also is it impossible to stop temptations from coming, but it is very much possible to stop ourselves from falling into the temptations. As humans, we may not be able to control how we feel, but what we do with those feelings is what we can definitely control [ 1 Peter 1:5-8].

Therefore, the condition of Christians struggling with their sexuality is not a sin, because like earlier stated, struggling with temptation shows your desire to not compromise, and your will to fight off the devil.

The sin only comes when one decides to yield to the temptations of the devil, but we must also realize that the devil tempts us based off on our desires, so in order to not be tempted with one’s sexuality, make sure to keep your mind clean of any such things.