Pornography, Loss of Dominion and How Satan Uses It Against You

Pornography, Loss of Dominion and How Satan Uses It Against You

This is a message God gave to Brother Hosanna David on the 9th of July 2024.

“I gave man glory and dominion. This is my own endowment that crowns him as my true representative in the world. Satan steals these two things from men through different means, one of which is sexual immorality. Anyone who sells his/herself as a slave and gives up their dominion is treated like a slave. Satan tricks the children of men to do things that reduce them to slavery.”

Kindly watch the video below to get all the explanations and teaching:

“Pleasure was created for man to gladden his heart and to make him merry, but this is the very thing that Satan has weaponized against My beloved children. Who is wise among them? Who will listen? Who is ready to equip themselves with wisdom and knowledge from above so that they can live a victorious life?

Such a person must obey the three rules of privacy:”

1. Human nakedness is sacred

“Human nakedness is sacred. Exposing it to the public equals the removal of a crown from the head of a king. Those who expose their nakedness sell their dominion.

I used my hands to cover the nakedness of Adam and Eve after they fell. I covered their shame and disgrace. Whosoever removes this covering to expose their nakedness violates their own bodies. Whoever drops his/herself below the standard I place them exposes his/herself to Satan’s attacks and influences.”

2. Lust

“You must not lust after the nakedness of another person. Those who feed their hunger for sex with the nakedness of a strange woman or man reduce themselves, and they cannot be free from demonic attacks. Those who prostitute themselves and all those who patronize them are all guilty. Can a prostitute resist the entrance of a demonic spirit? Has she any strength to say no to Satan when she is already a slave to him? All those who patronize prostitutes become one flesh with them. Making yourself one flesh with a prostitute is dangerous because it reduces you to the same level of the prostitute. This is a powerful weapon Satan uses to quench the fire of God’s Children.”

“Satan understands that many of you will never sleep with a prostitute physically, hence, he brings them to your secret chamber to reduce and deceive you. The sin of pornography is not less than sleeping with a prostitute physically.”

3. Promotion of Pornography and Indecency

“All those who promote all forms of nakedness reduce themselves to the level of a slave.”

Then He said to me “My son, warn all those who sell the wears of male and female prostitutes. They are abominations to the Holy God. They are like those who do not travel yet they prepare both vehicles and the passengers ready for their journey. They are also guilty of the same sin. All those who support immoral dressing both in the Church and in the world are all guilty of the same sin. All those who praise sexually immoral people are also guilty. They reduce themselves to the level demons can access and also attack them.”

Warning Vision on Indecent Dressing & Seduction

Warning Vision on Indecent Dressing & Seduction

On the 14th of October 2020 I saw a lady walking by in a vision. She wore tight clothes. She has big backside and as she walked by her backside was shaking. Then I heard a voice saying, “Those who attract people to lust after them by wearing sexy clothes are guilty. I create the body for my praise and pleasure. Whoever uses it as an instrument of lust to seduce people to commit sin shall not be held guiltless, for I the Lord I am a holy God.”

Then I saw a field covered with grasses. The grasses were of one type and same species. I looked at the bottom of the grasses and I saw that the leaves, which were as long as sugar cane leaves, were looking blighted. They were whitish, lacking chlorophyll. I noticed that the blighted apex parts of the grasses were growing downward towards the roots. Then the Spirit of the Lord said, “The more mankind loses the sense of morality the more they lose their protection, and the more Satan gains control over them.”

Vision: Warning message to those who dress half-naked in the beach

On the 23rd of March 2022 I had a vision. I saw people, both male and female adults in a place that looks like a beach. Some were wearing just undies while some were completely naked. It was like a someone rang a bell and I saw a young man and a young lady, who were both naked, running towards where others were gathering. The people that gathered were happy, laughing and having fun. I understood in the vision that the young man and the young lady were not married, neither were they in any sexual relationship, neither had they ever met before until they met in the beach, and just decided to spend their time together. Then I heard the voice of the Holy Lord saying, “I hate these things. I hate this immorality. Even though I am silent I am writing everything down. I will judge them.”

Kirn Vintage Stock/Corbis via Getty Images. People of all ages cool off in the sea in Massachusetts. Snapped on a hot day circa 1919, this photo shows a large crowd of women and girls (in similar conservative dress) as they spill into the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Massachusetts.

Our beaches and swimming pools have become havens of lust. It is a place people display their sensual bodies. It has now become a culture of the modern generation. It was not so a few decades ago, even though they used the same beaches and swimming pools they were covering their nakedness. See the picture above. God is really angry with those who do this. What He means by “I hate this immorality” is that He hates the culture of public going naked or half-naked in public for whatsoever reason.

Beaches and swimming today pools are no longer good atmosphere for Christians to go without without struggling with lust. Humans in this generation have become more depraved than Sodom and Gomorrah. If Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed because of their sins, those who reject the Gospel of salvation will be judged even more severely, if they die without repenting. If you want to escape the wrath of God please do not take part in this modern immoral culture.

I Don’t Have Church Clothes

I Don’t Have Church Clothes

Some Christians went out for evangelism. As they preached the Lord touched the heart of a very beautiful young lady. She promised to be in Church the following Sabbath Day. Unfortunately, she couldn’t make it to Church.
After the service the brethren decided to check on her to know why she didn’t make it to Church. She was very disappointed when she saw them but she decided to tell them why she couldn’t make it as promised.
“I love the Lord with the whole of my heart”, she explained, “but unfortunately, after taking my bath early in the morning I got to my wardrobe and I discovered that I didn’t have Church clothes.” A sister among the brethren who was at the door raised her voice and asked what she meant by “Church clothes”. Then she replied and said, “none of my clothes is good enough for me to wear to Church to meet with God. I felt so disappointed and decided to stay at home because I believe God will be angry with me if I wear the same sexy clothes I used to wear to look for men to Church God will think that I have not repented. He will think I am going to Church to seduce His Children to sleep with me. I will join you next week after I buying some new decent clothes.”
The lady at the door answered her and said “‘My people perish for lack of knowledge’. God looks at the heart and not the body’. Please come as you are. Jesus Christ welcomed sinners when He was on earth. He doesn’t not judge people because of what they wear. Can I see your wardrobe sister?” She entered the room and looked at her clothes and said, “Sister in Christ you have almost all the latest fashion just like me. In fact this one here is the same thing that I am wearing right now. I’m fatter than you are yet you are complaining that you do not have Church clothes. Is this your dress not the same size with mine? If me that is fatter can wear it what stops you from wearing yours?”
The new convert looked at her and said, “When you came to me I was a sinner but after I gave my life to Christ you told me that I am a new creature. You told me that I am now a child of God. How can me a child of God wear the same clothes I used to wear when I was into prostitution? What has changed if my lifestyle hasn’t changed? If this is what you wear to Church I won’t come to your Church because this same dress attracted many customers to me whenever I wore it.”

“Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves.” Matthew 23:15.

This is what many people who say they are born again are doing: they preach to sinners to repent. After the sinners enter their Church they use heresy (false doctrines) to indoctrinate them and harden their hearts against God. This is why there are so many people going to Hell Fire from the Church.

📸 Rebecca Smith

Warning from God: Ladies Who Display Their Undies Publicly Will not Enter Heaven

Warning from God: Ladies Who Display Their Undies Publicly Will not Enter Heaven

On the 30th of March 2019 I was counselling a young man on WhatsApp call. After a while I lost internet connection and I slept off. God gave me a dream. I saw a lady that was doing exercise. She sat down with her legs stretched forward. She was bending herself to enable her forehead to touch her knees. I was looking at her from behind. As she bent over, though she was wearing something, of which I do not know if it was a skirt, gown, trousers or shorts, I noticed that what wore shifted from her waist making her panties to be exposed. From personal assessment I know she did not expose her panties intentionally. I noticed that the outerwear was loose over her waist, hereby making it to shift down and to open. Even though her wear shifted to expose her undies she continued her exercise without adjusting what she was wearing, she just continued.

Here’s another message God gave me about women wearing tights.

Then I heard the voice of the LORD speaking to me. He said, “Any lady that dresses to expose her panties to spread immorality cannot enter my kingdom. You cannot use your body to spread immorality on earth and expect yourself to enter my kingdom. Anyone who does sports and uses panties publicly cannot enter my kingdom. If the (sport’s) standard of dressing is immoral then you must not join them. Those who set that standard are my enemies. They will face me on the Day of Judgement to give account. Therefore, don’t submit yourself to their immoral standard of dressing since you will not give account to them on the Judgement Day, but me. This warning is also for those who wear transparent, short, revealing or tight clothes that expose their undies. If your appearance causes people to lust and the lust sends them to Hell Fire, be rest assured that the Scripture cannot be broken; I have said, ‘It is impossible but that offences will come: but woe unto him, through whom they come!’

Warning to those who get entertained by women wearing panties

The Lord also said to me, “My son tell those who are entertained by those who dress half naked or go completely naked that they are as guilty as those who spread such immorality. This is a command from me, those who disobey me shall answer on the Last Day.”

Female Sport Wears: Before and Now

Many females’ sports have been highly sexualised. It is not getting better at all. Many Christians no longer see anything wrong with men watching ladies wearing bikini doing sports.

Just take a look at the journey of the sexualisation of the dressing code of women in sports.

Women swimsuits journey from 1875 to 1927
Source: On Board
Women decently dressed while playing hockey in the 19th century
Source: Wisp Sports

Today the story is different, the worship of sex is almost taking over sportsand the world. Bikini has become the standard of dressing for some sports. God’s judgment is coming upon the children of disobedience.

Women dressed in Bikinis pose for a photographer on Sydney’s Bondi Beach September 26, 2007. 1010 bikini-clad women posed on Australia’s iconic beach on Wednesday, setting a Guinness world record for the largest swimsuit photo shoot.
Source: Life of Guangzhou

Shirt with Dirty Writeup a Christian Wore to Church: “…throw me to the lesbians”

Shirt with Dirty Writeup a Christian Wore to Church: “…throw me to the lesbians”

Lesbianism is on the increase even in countries that criminalise such a sexual union. Even the Church is not left out of this because Satan has crept in with different forms of heresies. Many Christians do not care about what they wear. Many do not read carefully the inscriptions on their clothes. Some who read end up with the conclusion of “it doesn’t matter”. I was so shocked when I saw a Christian who wore this shirt to the Church. This writeup, “Dip me in chocolate and throw me to the lesbians” is a very dirty and sensual expression. I thought no Christian who professes Christ would dare wear anything as dirty as this.

I took this photo because I want our Christian youths to be wiser. We have to know that it is not every cloth that is in the market that a true believer should buy. Christians are to show Jesus Christ to this lost world and not to walk in the broad way of this world.

Now that you have read this could you please take a look at your wardrobe to see if there is any dress that does not represent your Christian profession?