How many parents will feel comfortable to hear their child ask them: “Mummy/Daddy, what is sex?” I tell you, many parents will become embarrassed (and probably confused) to the extent that some may not have any answer to give, or even divert the attention of the child by raising another topic. Trust parents; some may even shout and ask the child to keep quiet.

We know that the world we live in today sees the definition of sex as a personal thing. This is totally wrong! Sex was created by God therefore it has a definite definition, which is after to its original design and purpose, as ordained by God the Creator and Giver in the beginning.

Human sexuality is a very complicated and controversial topic today. But the fact is: modern civilization and the prevalent sexualization of man has nothing to do with the Truth that has been revealed in the Holy Bible.

What is Sex?

Let’s first of all explore some definitions. The word “sex” encompasses many different types of sexual activities. The Oxford Advance Learner’s Dictionary defines sex as “physical activity between two people in which they touch each other’s sexual organs, and which may include sexual intercourse”.

Sex is also said to be “the act of sexual procreation between a man and a woman; …any act of touching intimately with stimulation giving excitement to a partner, male or female” (

Personally, I see sex as “a divinely ordained emotional physical activity of bodily union between a husband and his wife for the purpose of procreation and mutual pleasure, through which they become one flesh. We can also say that sex is any activity between a man and a woman that causes full sexual arousal and gives sexual satisfaction, which may or may not include sexual intercourse.”

There are many sexual activities that many of our youths do no consider as “SEX”. Many have been deceived to walk in sexual immorality because of their corrupt view of sex.

There are various ways Satan uses sex against humanity today. Therefore what sex is should be clearly defined. Many are in different demonic bondage because of their disobedience and ignorance about what sex is and how it should be had and how it should not be engaged in. The video below will tell you much about this.

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