In a vision I saw a young man who was approached by another young man for a sexual relationship. When he saw that the young man approaching him is a homosexual he fled from him. As he was running away he saw his pastor. His pastor held him and took him back to his classroom where other people were sitting. His pastor brought out the bag of the young man and handed it over to him and asked him to leave.

Kindly watch the video below:

The young asked his pastor what he did and why he was being sent away, his pastor said to him, “The prayer I prayed for you is to enable your fellow men chase you.”
The Holy Spirit said to me, “How can they be deceived if no one is sent from among them to deceive them?. I am the truth but they reject Me.” Then He said to me, “Tell them that all those who stand in My house to oppose Me shall have extra torment in the Lake of Fire. Tell all those who have been deceived that I am waiting to give them a new heart but if only they return to Me.”
We need to follow God’s Word strictly so that we will not be deceived by those Satan has bought their conscience over. The awful wrath of God awaits those who live in sexual immorality.