On the 26th of September 2018 the Spirit of the Most High God spoke to me in the early hours of the morning, exposing satanic operations in the internet. The Spirit of the Lord told me that all pornographic sites are monitored by demons. On how they operate the Lord revealed that whenever someone visits a pornographic site demons register that person’s name. They keep sending reminders to those whose names have been registered to visit the porn site. This is one of the powers behind pornography addiction.
Then I had a vision from God. I saw a human mouth with the two lips wide open. Ants covered the lips. The person could not close his mouth. He seemed helpless. The Holy Spirit explained to me that whenever someone watches pornography demons try to enslave the person. He said that the mouth that I saw represents those who have been enslaved by demons through pornography. They are helpless, without self control.
The Lord revealed to me that there are pornographic videos produced by people who are not humans but are demons who put on human forms. This type of pornography is very dangerous because they are purposely produced to enslave men and also to initiate as many that view them into the kingdom of darkness. Since sex makes two people to become one flesh, it creates some level of spiritual ground for them to possess those who view them with demons.
I heard the Lord saying, “Whoever views abominable forms of pornography like Sodomy shares in the sins of the wicked he views. If he derives pleasure from viewing it and lust after what he sees he becomes a part of the sexual act.”

The Lord also told me that those who are addicted to pornography and those who have viewed pornography and are having constant urge to view pornography should pray against the demons of pornography and also use the Blood of Jesus Christ to break any spiritual covenant that was created in course of using pornography.

Recently, I did some teachings on how to overcome sexual sins and addictions. These videos will help you to come out if you are addicted to pornography or have been enslaved by demons of pornography.