Vision of the Heart of Someone who Watches Porn

This is a message God gave me on the 4th of July 2020. I saw a plate of food in a vision. It was divided in two halves. One part contains food while the other part contains very filthy substances. As I looked I saw that someone was feeding from the part containing the food. The person ate only a small portion of the food from the corner of the plate. He was very careful not to encroach the part containing the filthy substances. He could only manage to eat a few spoons of the food. Then I heard the voice of the Lord explaining the vision to me. He said the plate containing the food, the food and the filthy substances represent the human heart. He said, “I have always longed to fellowship with My children but many of My children’s hearts have been polluted with pornography. The heart is the seat of intents, which includes the intent to fellowship with me. The hearts of many are polluted with pornography. How can they seek me from a pure heart if it is polluted by pornography?”

“Many marriages no longer contain only a man and a woman but there are many pollutants who are men and women unknown physically that defile the marriage bed.”

“Anyone you lust after, watch and masturbate to or watch while having sex participates in the act with you spiritually. With the help of the presence of demons many have been initiated while watching pornography.”

Warning Vision on Indecent Dressing & Seduction

Warning Vision on Indecent Dressing & Seduction

On the 14th of October 2020 I saw a lady walking by in a vision. She wore tight clothes. She has big backside and as she walked by her backside was shaking. Then I heard a voice saying, “Those who attract people to lust after them by wearing sexy clothes are guilty. I create the body for my praise and pleasure. Whoever uses it as an instrument of lust to seduce people to commit sin shall not be held guiltless, for I the Lord I am a holy God.”

Then I saw a field covered with grasses. The grasses were of one type and same species. I looked at the bottom of the grasses and I saw that the leaves, which were as long as sugar cane leaves, were looking blighted. They were whitish, lacking chlorophyll. I noticed that the blighted apex parts of the grasses were growing downward towards the roots. Then the Spirit of the Lord said, “The more mankind loses the sense of morality the more they lose their protection, and the more Satan gains control over them.”

Vision: Salvation Message to Repentant Porn Actors & Actresses

Vision: Salvation Message to Repentant Porn Actors & Actresses

On the same day I had visions about satanic bondage of masturbation and pornography, which was 16th of July 2020, I was also told things that repentant porn actors and actresses must do to be saved. The Holy Spirit said to me:

“Anyone who repents from acting or producing pornography must preach and warn people publicly about the dangers of pornography. They must renounce all the pornographic materials they produced publicly. This is because one cannot commit sin in the public and repent only in the secret. An open confession and renunciation is important. Such a person must take down and destroy such materials if they have the right to do so.”

“All those who repent must be ready to give up all the wealth they got from prostituting themselves. I am the LORD and I am holy. All those who must follow Me must strip themselves of all ill-gotten wealth.”

Then He said to me, “This is also My commands to those who assist others to share their nakedness online. They are as guilty as those they assist to pollute the earth.”

Visions: Satanic Bondage of Masturbation & Pornography Exposed

Visions: Satanic Bondage of Masturbation & Pornography Exposed

On the 16th of July 2020 I saw visions in which I saw a young man sitting down. A man asked him, “where are those with whom you masturbate?” The young man answered and said “No one. I don’t masturbate with anyone.” Then the man asked him, “What about those you watch when you masturbate? They are not with you physically but they join you in the act. Why do you lift up your soul unto vanity?” As I heard what the man said Psalm 24:4 came to my mind. I concluded in my heart in the vision that the man just quoted Psalm 24:4.

The Holy Spirit then revealed to me saying, “When one watches pornography and engages his/her in any sexual activity, the demonic spirits to whom the pornographic materials are dedicated to or the demonic spirits that possess the pornographic materials go to join the person watching the porn and participate in whatsoever sexual activity the person engages his/herself. This is one major means Satan gets many polluted and even initiated into his kingdom today.”

Then I saw an iron stamp. I did not see any words written on it but there was something that looks like a complex symbol or a logo. The Spirit of the Lord said to me, “Anyone who watches pornography has a spiritual mark on their foreheads. The iron stamp you saw is used to mark anyone who watches pornography. The mark is a mark of influence. It helps demonic entities to identify the bearer as one under their influence. Marine powers are in charge of the iron stamp you saw. The influence is not as strong as the one an agent of darkness has over the person they have sex with physically. This influence acts as a doorway to the influx of other vices and sexual sins. But for one who is addicted to porn, the influence is very powerful and direct. Such one’s willpower is sealed in a cocoon. They have no strength to do what they want to do but the dictates of the powers that capture them.”

    In another vision I saw the chaffs of palm fruits. They were very dry, ready to be set on fire. Then the Spirit of the Lord said to me, “Pornography prepares the hearts of viewers ready for every kind of sexual sins. This is why many who view porn struggle with overcoming other things.”

Again I saw an evil black hand that looks like that of a mighty giant. The hand picked up a human being. The person looked very small in the hand I saw. Then I heard a voice saying, “If you do not belong to the devil then leave his properties alone”. The properties of the devil referred to was pornography. I believe that this vision of a mighty hand that picked up a man effortlessly is a description of how powerful the bondage of pornography addiction is. It is time to break free. Give your life to Jesus Christ and ask God to deliver you from the bondage of sexual sins. Seek for help and be serious enough to be free.

Vision: Warning message to those who dress half-naked in the beach

On the 23rd of March 2022 I had a vision. I saw people, both male and female adults in a place that looks like a beach. Some were wearing just undies while some were completely naked. It was like a someone rang a bell and I saw a young man and a young lady, who were both naked, running towards where others were gathering. The people that gathered were happy, laughing and having fun. I understood in the vision that the young man and the young lady were not married, neither were they in any sexual relationship, neither had they ever met before until they met in the beach, and just decided to spend their time together. Then I heard the voice of the Holy Lord saying, “I hate these things. I hate this immorality. Even though I am silent I am writing everything down. I will judge them.”

Kirn Vintage Stock/Corbis via Getty Images. People of all ages cool off in the sea in Massachusetts. Snapped on a hot day circa 1919, this photo shows a large crowd of women and girls (in similar conservative dress) as they spill into the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Massachusetts.

Our beaches and swimming pools have become havens of lust. It is a place people display their sensual bodies. It has now become a culture of the modern generation. It was not so a few decades ago, even though they used the same beaches and swimming pools they were covering their nakedness. See the picture above. God is really angry with those who do this. What He means by “I hate this immorality” is that He hates the culture of public going naked or half-naked in public for whatsoever reason.

Beaches and swimming today pools are no longer good atmosphere for Christians to go without without struggling with lust. Humans in this generation have become more depraved than Sodom and Gomorrah. If Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed because of their sins, those who reject the Gospel of salvation will be judged even more severely, if they die without repenting. If you want to escape the wrath of God please do not take part in this modern immoral culture.