Warning From God: “Stop Using Artificial Eyelashes”

Warning From God: “Stop Using Artificial Eyelashes”

This is what the Lord revealed to me about artificial eyelashes and He commanded me to share it with the world. In the night on my bed, the Spirit of the Lord spoke to me and asked me to write down what He would tell me. So, I obeyed. This was after I prayed and asked God to speak to me about the use of artificial eyelashes. This is a warning from God! Whosoever doubts these words does himself or herself a disfavour.

Jesus Christ rightly warns His children to be as “wise as serpents” (Matthew 10:16), “Lest should Satan gain advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices” (2Corinthians 2:11 KJV), Apostle Paul added.

There is no doubt that we are living in a demon-infested world. Satan is doing everything possible to sexualize mankind. Artificial eyelashes are Satan’s are tools for human sexualization.

The Lord said to me: “the devil is seriously at work. He is very active in the business of distracting people.
Artificial eyelashes were invented by the devil to distract the children of men. The wise will hear My words and become wiser but to the fool it is increase of folly.”

Then the Lord said to me, “there are three major things about the introduction of artificial eyelashes.”

They are as follows:

  1. “It was introduced to distract the children of men from spirituality and be engaged in carnal deeds. It is a branch of worldliness. The use of artificial eyelashes introduces the user into another deeper level of worldliness – attachment to worldly things. A friend of this world is in enmity with God. Its usage is trading spirituality for carnality. No matter how serious a Christian is with the things of God, the day such a Christian starts to use it there must be a drop in the spiritual level of that christian because the introduction of artificial eyelashes is not without an aim. It must accomplish its aim when people submit to its power by using it.
  2. “Artificial eyelashes was introduced by the devil to pollute humans. Satan is raging with wrath. He is raising soldiers against God and God’s children. He recruits people by first gaining entrance into their lives. Giving Satan entrance gives him the room of establishing himself. This establishment gives him total control over those that house him.
    Humans are too dull in their understanding. Though I did not create them like that they choose to allow the devil to veil their understanding.
    Humans should learn and know that one’s belief controls the totality of one’s actions in life.
    Don’t men say, ‘Seeing is believing’? Yes! Seeing is the height of belief and total conviction beyond doubt. The doubtful believes when he sees. What if your organ of sight is impaired and manipulated, how can you see correctly and believe rightly? When a man believes anything, when he hears, reads or is taught anything in life, his faith receives firm confirmation when he sees what he believes with his eyes. The eyes therefore are very important. Have I not created the eyes for humans? Do I not protect them from blindness? But what can I do when man decides to submit his own eyes willingly to his enemies to be blinded?
    All artificial eyelashes are polluted, including the ones individuals make for themselves. The companies on earth producing them are all connected to the one in the water world, either directly or indirectly.
    Before artificial eyelashes was invented, the devil had tried to introduce a weapon against humanity that would be very effective, something that could infest the eyes of the children of men with spiritual lies. All previously introduced weapons were not very effective to achieve the total aim of Satan until artificial eyelashes was introduced. The day it was invented and produced, it was dedicated to the Queen of the Coast and it was handed over to the prince of the kingdom of the air, for its proper monitoring, empowerment and manipulation.”
    “Irrespective of where and who produces it, it is emblematic. It represents its true value in meaning. Just as logos are iconic and flags are representatives, so also whatsoever that is invented and dedicated by the devil is in the world of darkness. Just as it is pure foolishness to tag oneself with the flag of another country and feel it has nothing to do with people’s perception about you nationality and identity, so it is also for someone to use something that is already dedicated, iconic and symbolic, ignorantly and still believes his or her personal reason of usage overwrites its spiritual significance. Humans will continue to be faraway from God except they understand spiritual laws.”
    “Eyelashes were design originally to protect the eyes from harm, filters what goes into the eyes, to give beauty and also by the reason of their differences people may vary in their look. One of the major works of artificial eyelashes is to veil the spiritual eyes of those who use them. This spiritual veil blinds the eyes of the user and prevents such one from seeing the truth correctly. Instead, such one, from a perverted spiritual perspective sees things differently. No one can believe otherwise, except from the perspective one sees things. One’s perspective determines his understanding and one’s understanding is directly proportional to the belief one’s heart gives birth to. Artificial eyelashes causes spiritual inflammation of the eyes of its users. The sole aim of this spiritual inflammation is to infest the eyes with lies. When the eyes are inflamed with lies, it is impossible or difficult for incoming truth to be seen correctly. Does lie not has its own shortsightedness?
    Artificial eyelashes filter away the truth and makes the user vulnerable and more receptive to lies.
    Its usage causes spiritual sight defect. When one that has colour blindness cannot differentiate between colours correctly, how can such one tell correctly that which is black, white, green or gold?
    Anyone whose mind is darkened cannot reason correctly. The one whose eyes are blinded cannot see correctly.”
  3. Artificial eyelashes is a hook of sexual immorality. “How often do I want my children to obey me, but don’t. How can the one that obeys, and carries out Satan’s will say, “God Almighty is my Father”? Artificial eyelashes is a hook of sexual immorality. Many men have been carried away by the flirtatious looks of these prostitutes. Don’t my children know that Satan wants every woman to be a hawker of sex and every man a buyer of sex? From the very day Satan planned to commodify sex, he also resolved to introduce all that will make sex sell. When a woman wears artificial eyelashes, the evil spirits to whom artificial eyelashes are dedicated to claims astral right against such a woman. This astral right gives them access into the life of the user to manipulate her. The degree of access gained is dependent on the level of the spirituality or worldliness of the user.
    Artificial eyelashes make the user to feel sexy. One of the major aim of its introduction is to increase sexual immorality. Just like many cosmetics that are sold in the market today, artificial eyelashes contain charming powers that make the wearer to have a sexually attractive look.
    I have given my warnings. Let them hear and obey. Those who promote sexual immorality shall have their place in the lake of fire.” “Men, be wise, let none of these prostitutes take you by the cunning of their flirtatious eyelashes” (Prov. 6:25).

“My judgement will soon come upon all those who disobey Me and use their bodies to serve the flesh. Let as many that wear artificial eye lashes repent and stop using them. Let them pray to Me for deliverance and I will deliver them. They should also warn others to stop using artificial eye lashes.”

Let him who has ears hear what the Spirit says to the Churches.

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Warning From God to Bodybuilders and Transgenders

Warning From God to Bodybuilders and Transgenders

In the early hours of the morning on the 17th of January 2018 God gave me this message. It is a warning to bodybuilders and those who take steroids to alter their natural looks.

Here is the message:

“Tell bodybuilders that my children are to be as harmless as doves. Those who make themselves to look like monsters shall not enter my kingdom.

“Those who spend so much time to build their bodies but have little or no time for my Word, those who do not find time to feed their souls with spiritual food but focus on the body alone have made their bodies their god (instead of their Creator). They shall face my judgment on the Last Day. Tell females that females who abandon their feminine role for that of males will not enter heaven because in the beginning ‘God created them male and female’ (Genesis 1:27). Females who take steroids in order to look like males cannot enter heaven. This is same for males who abandon their roles for that of females. They insult their Maker and God who set nature in place in the beginning.”

There’s a warning the Lord gave me about those who worship sexual pleasures and idolize their bodies which I have posted also, but only few people care to listen because Satan has blinded the eyes of many. You may read it and also watch the video HERE.

A lot of Christians are guilty of this. How? How many Christians are not entertained by bodybuilders? We may not be guilty directly but so long as we derive pleasure from being entertained by them, we equally make ourselves guilty. The Bible says, “Who knowing the judgment of God, that those who commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, BUT HAVE PLEASURE IN THEM THAT DO THEM” (Romans 1:32). Let us avoid every appearances of evil, even as God calls us all to come out from among them; and be separated as a holy People, set apart for His own praise and glory.

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A Warning from God: Sexual Purity | Idolizing the Body

A Warning from God: Sexual Purity | Idolizing the Body

This is the message God gave me. God wants us to live a holy and sexually pure lives.

The Bible makes it very clear that “God hath not called us unto uncleanness, but unto holiness”  (Thess. 4:7).

A Call for Sexual Purity

Here’s the message:

“Blessed are they that keep themselves from defilement, for they shall have their place among those who have been sanctified. Their name shall be written in gold. For those who live the ordinary life, they shall be among the commons.

This one I hold dearly, he who lives above his fleshy desires and is able to lead his flesh.”

Warning Against the Worship of the Flesh

“There are many today who have set up idols for themselves, to whom they subject and yield their bodies and ultimate desires. Pleasures, sexual pleasure in particular have become a god that is enthroned in the hearts of men, and given pre-eminence among men’s desires. This, I will judge, for it is written, ‘you shall have no other gods before me.’” (Exodus 20:3).

Please watch the video below