How Satan Uses Sexual Immorality Against Humanity

How Satan Uses Sexual Immorality Against Humanity

On the 17th of August 2015, as I slept on my bed in the night the Spirit of the Lord woke me up. He said, “Take a biro and a book and write down everything I am going to tell you.

This is a warning to humankind. Let those who have ears hear what the Lord is saying to the Churches.

The Implications of Fornication and Adultery – Demonic Attacks

I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Fornication opens up your spiritual gates and makes you prone to attacks. Through this illicit relationship, Satan injects his venom into the destiny of my children. Demons gain entrance, bite and suck blood. Sex outside marriage destroys all forms of spiritual immunity and protection. It is a dangerous adventure.

“It doesn’t end with just cheating on your spouse but the seed of hatred is sown into your heart against your spouse in the process. When you exchange money for sex with a satanic agent you engage in the transaction of exchanging your finances for sex. It is a very successful and effective means of rendering people, especially men, who are breadwinners of their families penniless.

“No one that flirts can defeat Satan. When men commit sexual sins, Satan gains victory over them. The man who knows how to pray and exercises authority through my word of power is dangerous to the works of darkness. But he who can do this yet womanizes is an empty vessel – a clanging cymbal.

“Thousands of human’s sperms are taken to the water world each day. Woe to that man whose sperm is taken to the water kingdoms! His destiny and life can be devoured by the devil without much stress because His seeds are already caged. He can be accessed through his seeds. His future is not hid from his enemies and Satan himself. He lives at the mercy of the devil, unless he gets delivered in time. It removes divine provision and makes men to struggle in life.

Pre-marital sex especially is the easiest way through which people are initiated into the kingdoms of darkness. Virgins that are not bonded to anybody through sex are Satan’s target. They are like new ropes that tie better. They bond easily with demonic attachments because they have no soul-tie or sexual spiritual bonds. No one who breaks this law has ever succeeded in life. When I say succeed, I mean according to my design of such individual’s destiny.”


“A lot of destinies have been diverted through the use of the tool called sex. A lot of people God sends into the world to carry out several assignments end up being diverted into doing other things. Just as the Magi saw the star of Jesus Christ when He was born, so also spiritual astrologers see the destinies stars of many children and mount pressure on them on every side in order to gain control over their destinies. Real success in life is destiny fulfillment. A man can be rich and seen as a successful man but that does not mean that he is succeeding; except he lives according to God’s own designs, he is a failure.”


(Matt. 5:27-28)

The Lord spoke to me further about lust. He said, “Son of man open your mouth and speak against lust. Do not lust after the one you are not married to. Lust opens up your soul for attacks. There are five different attacks through lust:

  1. “The one who is lusting loses spiritual sensitivity at that moment. He becomes dull in the spirit. There is a huge gap between his spirit and that of God living inside of him.
  2. “Lust is cheating. It is cheating on the Lord. When the human mind is in the right frame, he fellowships with God in his spirit and mind but when one lusts, one passes through a back door by having a momentary fellowship with another, other than the Lord. It puts on hold the continuous spiritual fellowship God enjoys with His children.
  3. “Lust is stealing: When someone lusts after a woman, such one covets the soul of the person he lusts after. When someone steals, he takes what belongs to another person without permission and often secretly. The one who lusts doesn’t take permission from the one he coverts his soul. He does that secretly too. To the one whose soul is coveted, no sin is imputed. The one who dresses seductively is guiltier than the one who lusts after him or her. “My son let your ears be open to hear mysteries from my own mouth. No one must let another covet his or her soul because it is dangerous and it is also sinful. Sex goes      beyond the union of the flesh but it is also a spiritual union (1 Cor. 6:16), even more.  Sex opens up your spiritual life for access. You cannot hide your secrets from the one who accesses your life.
  4. “Lust leads to fellowship with the unknown. The one who lusts may not know, in most cases, the one whose soul he covets. Through lust, there is a spiritual submission of your soul for access and fellowship, just as it is with sex. If the one you lust after is possessed with demons, you are bonded with the spirit in that person emotionally and spiritually. Know that the evil spirit in the person you lust after is more sensitive than you spiritually. As you lust after the person the spirit in that person senses radiation and invitation for fellowship and quickly yields. If this continues, I mean the lust, the evil spirit in that person can create a bond between itself and you, which may either turn out to the evil spirit gaining a direct entrance into your body or/and it opens the way for other evil spirits to come in.
  5. “Lust is an attack on the mind. The mind that lusts is under attack. Demons and their agents have various ways of attacking the human mind with lust. It may come in form of suggestion. Such suggestions should immediately be rebuked and canceled with the word of God.


The Lord further revealed to me how Satan works with lust. These are purely demonic and satanic agents’ activities against the targets.

The Lord revealed to me and said:

  • “Lust comes through the shooting or spraying of lust waves into the atmosphere. This mesmerizes the victim under attack and makes the victim feels sexy, develops sexual desires and lusts.
  • It could be through sounds, commonly in form of voiced words or sounds. Such words or sounds gain entrance into you and appeal to your inner mind to submit to the power behind it so that your mind can be opened for entrance and your soul made submissive for proper manipulation. Whenever you notice a hypnotizing voice, pray in your mind and cover yourself with the Blood of Jesus Christ so that you can overcome.
  • A demonic spirit could be directly present to appeal to your spirit through demonic and magical means. This may take a long time but if you are spiritually sensitive and you notice the presence of demonic forces, release the Blood of Jesus Christ and the fire of the Holy Ghost upon yourself and your environment. Do not stop there but also bind the demonic powers too, lest they return again when the atmosphere is conducive enough for them to resume operation. Do not give the devil a foothold (Eph. 4:27) but put on your spiritual amour on so that you can defeat the devil” (Gal. 6:11).
  • “Lust could be induced and instigated through a direct touch. Such a touch transfers spiritual electrical current into your body and it makes you weak to resist the wave of lust. Such touches may be with the person’s sexual organ, lips (through a kiss), hand, etc. Such a touch tends to make you lose your control through the use of demonic magnetic powers.


“There are hundreds of diseases the devil introduce into the Earth each year. One of the ways through which these diseases are passed on to humans and are spread is sex. Satanic Agents, both males and females, (but females are more) are sent into the world from the water kingdom. Their assignment is to sleep with as many people as they can so that they can pollute them with these diseases. Old diseases are not left out too, they are equally spread. Their major targets are people that are promiscuous. This is because whosoever that has been polluted has the potentials of polluting any other person he/she sleeps with, but many a times unknowingly.

“Tell my people that the number one cause of barrenness is pre-marital and extra-marital sex. Have I not said it in my word that the harlot ‘shall commit whoredom, and shall not increase’? (Hosea 4:0).

“When the devil launches his attack of barrenness into marriages, he accuses the couples of breaking God’s laws and of being unfaithful to their spouses. He therefore demands that justice be meted out to those that break the laws of God. Man’s ignorance has cost him a lot of things yet he has not seen any meaningful reason why he must keep the laws of God faithfully.

“Many bad and addictive habits like smoking stem out of fornication and adultery. When a man engages in unlawful sex, the spiritual walls of protection are broken down. This gives room for opportunistic habits to spring up through heavy demonic manipulations and influence. It also gives the devil power to destroy or reduce the will power of such an individual. Through demonic suppression and control, such an individual starts loosing self-control, over time. As a result, the will to resist smoking and drinking will becomes reduced or totally lacking.

This is one of the reasons women whose husbands commit adultery complain that their husbands now do things they usually condemn since strange women enter their lives.”


“The earth is a battle ground, a place the devil battles for the souls of men. Not many know how the devil battles to conquer them. The devil is cunning and calculative. If he gets your destiny through his deceptive ways, it is difficult for you to retrieve it back except through God’s intervention. A lot of destinies have been reduced and as a result they shrink inward. One of the worst tools the devil uses is to make man feel safe in the midst of the ongoing fierce war is sexual immorality. This makes man vulnerable to his attacks, because he is not watching. There are not many tools like sex, so effectively and successfully used by the devil.

Divine Revelation: Exposing Demons Behind Lust, Sexual Immorality and Indecent Dressing

Divine Revelation: Exposing Demons Behind Lust, Sexual Immorality and Indecent Dressing

The Spirit of the holy God woke me up as I was sleeping on my bed. God asked me to write down what he wanted to reveal to me. This was in the early hours of Friday 11th December 2015.

God spoke to me and revealed these things to me and commanded me to share them with His Children and the world as a whole so that man can be enlightened about the tricks of the Devil. It is God’s will that all men be saved but it lies within our will to choose to obey or not. But I beg everyone that accesses this message to amend their ways and make their ways right with God. In so doing, they will be able “…to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand” (Ephesians 6:11-13).


God spoke to me and said, “Satan lives on earth with his fallen angels. They are trillions in number. They are everywhere, especially where my fire is not burning. Demons love indecent dressing, especially sensual dressing.
“Son, every worldly person on earth is inhabited by demons. This is because worldliness quenches my fire and drives away my Spirit from those who are worldly. Anyone in whom my fire does not burn is a habitation of demons. Most people on earth that house demons in their bodies are deeply ignorant that demons live inside of them.”
At this point the Lord showed me in a vision a young man who works in a state-owned transport company. There were demons living in his body. Then the Lord said to me “this young man is not aware of the presence of these demons living in him”. The Lord further revealed to me the source of the demons living in him and their activities in that motor park. The Lord then spoke to me and said, “Just as this young man is ignorant of the presence of the demons in his body, so also many people on earth are ignorant of the presence of demons in their bodies.”


After that, the Lord spoke to me and said, “My son I will show you how these demons promote sexual immorality. Sensual dressing attracts demons. Many of the clothes the children of men wear today glorify Satan and promote the activities of the kingdom of darkness. Satan promotes anything that promotes sexual immorality and carnality. This is because the best worship Satan loves is when he is worshiped through sexual immorality.
“There is nothing that can defile a man more than sexual immorality. High levels of sexual immorality, especially deviant ones, are evidences of the heavy presence of demons and demonic spirits. I God hate sexual immorality. It is the reason I destroyed the first earth with flood in the time of Noah; including Sodom and Gomorrah. Men in Noah’s generation became defiled when they slept with fallen angels. I could not stand the sight because man became dehumanized. I had to destroy man except Noah and his family.
“Demons and demonic spirits hang around and live in those who do not carry my fire. When a woman dresses in a sexy way, demons are attracted to her. These demons do the work of seduction. A spiritual concoction could be rubbed on the woman to make her look more attractive. These demons could concentrate attractiveness on some parts of the body like breasts (or cleavage) buttocks, hips, lips, eyelashes, Mons pubis and body shape.
“Though some people who are agents of darkness on special assignments know they are equipped with the demons of lust and sexual immorality, many of those who are being used as agents of lust are not aware of the presence of these demons in their lives, their activities and the covenant that accompanies it.
“The spiritual concoctions rubbed or invoked into those who are being used by such demons make some of their body parts or all their bodies to look attractive by emphasizing on the seductive features of their sensitive body parts, hereby making them to look more sexually appealing and seductive.


“These demons also pay close attention to see if anyone will lust after them in their hearts. When a man lusts after someone under demonic possession and manipulations, the demons are aroused and are attracted to such a man. The demons look for “legal grounds” to possess the man that lusts after their victims. They say, ‘We are one with the one you desire to be one with (through sexual union). Since you lust after her (and our properties in her), you equally desire us because we are one with her already.’ Some of these demons can gain entrance into the life of such a man, if he continues to lust after her deeply in his heart.” (Please not that if a woman lusts after a man that is equally possessed with such demons, the results would be same as described above).


The Lord explained to me that there are satanic human agents that who undergo spiritual surgeries in satanic kingdoms to beautify themselves beyond their natural looks, and appear extremely sexually attractive physically.
“Many of the things that make satanic agents to look sexually attractive are invoked into them, while others are embedded through spiritual operations in theatres and laboratories in the kingdom of darkness. This is to empower them to work out lust, sexual immorality and other satanic purposes. These operations are purely spiritual. The commonly used weapons are serpents. Serpents are under the control of the principality called Leviathan. These serpents (or other things) are located in some strategic parts of the body. In girls, serpents could be concentrated in their buttocks. When they wear seductive clothes these serpents are activated the more. These creatures wriggle and twist themselves in her when she walks. With the help of transparent, light, tight, revealing and demonically dedicated and demon possessed wears, seduction becomes easier. Seduction could be reduced if such one wears a flowing gown or skirt. The essence of many females wearing tight, transparent and light wears like trousers, short skirts, gowns and shorts is to boost sexual attractiveness, not necessarily to make themselves look beautiful. Many of my children even enjoy the admiration and sexual lust of men than my praise and admiration of their virtues, spiritual and physical beauties.
“Some even devised means of movements that can enable the shaking of their buttocks, breast and laps. This is why they cannot do without seductive wears because these wears help them to achieve their aims of seduction. Anyone who lives this lifestyle is a cheap material in the devil’s hand. It does not take long before demons extend their influence and control over such one. My son, tell them that except they repent they are on their way to the eternal Fire of Hell.


“If they live and work for me on earth I will reward them in the portion of my Son but it they live and labour for the devil, my enemy, they will be rewarded in the lot of the devil whom they served!
“Many shall say, ‘I was doing these things in ignorance’, but I shall answer them that I no longer leave any man in ignorance after the Death and Resurrection of my Son Jesus Christ. My son, in the time of old I overlooked but now repentance is a command from me.”
“Many of them in my House think they are serving me but my MARK OF OWNERSHIP IS NOT UPON THEIR FOREHEADS!


“It pains me for parents who prepare the beds of sexual immorality for the children by laying a wrong and sensual foundation for their innocent children. Many parents are helping Satan to remove the thick wall between the dressing that is modest and that which is sensual. The foundations are drastically being destroyed. Truth is trodden underfoot! Never! It will not be long anymore, my appearing is near! Very near!”

Original photography by Amy Sparrow