Vision: How Pornography Removes Your Name from the Book of Life

I had a vision in which I saw a man, whom I understood to be an Angel of God, erasing someone’s name from the Book of Life. I was made to understand that the reason for the removal was because of his involvement in viewing pornography.
I understood in the vision that it was not the first time the person’s name was removed from the Book of life. This gives me the understanding that a man can lose his salvation, and those whose names have been written in the Book of life can have their names removed from the Book of Life if they turn their back on the truth and live in sin.
I also feel that the person’s name was not removed just because the person watched it once but it was a lifestyle of that person.
In another vision God revealed to me that the sin of pornography is a serious sin against God and that it is classified as idolatry.

Vision of the Heart of Someone who Watches Porn

This is a message God gave me on the 4th of July 2020. I saw a plate of food in a vision. It was divided in two halves. One part contains food while the other part contains very filthy substances. As I looked I saw that someone was feeding from the part containing the food. The person ate only a small portion of the food from the corner of the plate. He was very careful not to encroach the part containing the filthy substances. He could only manage to eat a few spoons of the food. Then I heard the voice of the Lord explaining the vision to me. He said the plate containing the food, the food and the filthy substances represent the human heart. He said, “I have always longed to fellowship with My children but many of My children’s hearts have been polluted with pornography. The heart is the seat of intents, which includes the intent to fellowship with me. The hearts of many are polluted with pornography. How can they seek me from a pure heart if it is polluted by pornography?”

“Many marriages no longer contain only a man and a woman but there are many pollutants who are men and women unknown physically that defile the marriage bed.”

“Anyone you lust after, watch and masturbate to or watch while having sex participates in the act with you spiritually. With the help of the presence of demons many have been initiated while watching pornography.”

Warning Vision on Indecent Dressing & Seduction

Warning Vision on Indecent Dressing & Seduction

On the 14th of October 2020 I saw a lady walking by in a vision. She wore tight clothes. She has big backside and as she walked by her backside was shaking. Then I heard a voice saying, “Those who attract people to lust after them by wearing sexy clothes are guilty. I create the body for my praise and pleasure. Whoever uses it as an instrument of lust to seduce people to commit sin shall not be held guiltless, for I the Lord I am a holy God.”

Then I saw a field covered with grasses. The grasses were of one type and same species. I looked at the bottom of the grasses and I saw that the leaves, which were as long as sugar cane leaves, were looking blighted. They were whitish, lacking chlorophyll. I noticed that the blighted apex parts of the grasses were growing downward towards the roots. Then the Spirit of the Lord said, “The more mankind loses the sense of morality the more they lose their protection, and the more Satan gains control over them.”

Vision: Salvation Message to Repentant Porn Actors & Actresses

Vision: Salvation Message to Repentant Porn Actors & Actresses

On the same day I had visions about satanic bondage of masturbation and pornography, which was 16th of July 2020, I was also told things that repentant porn actors and actresses must do to be saved. The Holy Spirit said to me:

“Anyone who repents from acting or producing pornography must preach and warn people publicly about the dangers of pornography. They must renounce all the pornographic materials they produced publicly. This is because one cannot commit sin in the public and repent only in the secret. An open confession and renunciation is important. Such a person must take down and destroy such materials if they have the right to do so.”

“All those who repent must be ready to give up all the wealth they got from prostituting themselves. I am the LORD and I am holy. All those who must follow Me must strip themselves of all ill-gotten wealth.”

Then He said to me, “This is also My commands to those who assist others to share their nakedness online. They are as guilty as those they assist to pollute the earth.”